Category Description
The category name. Required.
Category Image file
If an image is to be displayed, this is either a filename or URL to the image. For example myimage.gif or Image can be viewed. With the Option Package you can also upload images from your local PC
Category Higher SubCategory
0 for the top most category (select will generate 0). The categoryid (number) of the category above this category. Every category is assigned a number called the categoryid. The current categories are listed.
Category SubCategories
This should be left empty unless this category has subcategories. If it has subcategories put the word Yes in the field. If you put ANYTHING in the field, VP-ASP assumes it has subcategories.
Category Hide
Leave empty unless you do not want this category to display otherwise put Yes in this field. Anything in this field is the same as Yes.
Category Match Product
Use only if you want VP-ASP to match the product in shop$config.asp. Shop$config.asp that exists in different directories can show or hide categories. Thus different pages can be set up using the same database.
Category Match Customer
If the text matches the text in customer field, this category will display. An empty will display to retail customers only. This field is referred by xcustomerpriceidentifier. 
Category Memo Text
If you wish to display text when a category is displayed, enter the text here.
Category Extra
Used only if xdisplaycategoryfiles is set to Yes, then this should be the name of a file to be displayed when the product for this category is displayed. It cannot be a url.
Category Language
Use only if you want to list categories by the current language selected in a session
Product template
Normally left empty. Used only if formatting products by templates. The specific template file to be used when view products in this category.